Oh (I don't' know what they thought)
Hangmen Three
Runnin off topic

Aiyyo, stop what ya doin' and bang ta dis
Put ya glass down and grab a chick
Don't even think you can hang with this
Bitch-ass niggas can't hang with this
Blunts, bitches, clips, guns
Bars, bricks, whips, funds
Bars, bricks, whips, funds
Bars, bricks, whips, funds
Bars, bricks, whips, funds

Come to think about it we ain't ordinary men
You think you immortal, my dogs ain't sleepin'
Run through ya crib at six in the evenin'
Ten o'clock news, front page section
Count all the votes, Benzino's been elected
Most dangerous, most violent
My killers always move in silence
Put 'dro in a blunt, twist it up
Put fo' in ya gut, twist you up
You ain't heard, not guilty's the verdict
I paint a clear picture, you spit with no vision
I spit viscous, we all in position
Check a nigga history, you better ask around
Rap's greatest mystery
This is for my real dog niggas, incarcerated tears
Niggas all in tears, throw it up


Sky's the limit, long as my heart pump I'll be in it
'Til I overcome, finally win it
Used to hit the street hard
Hustle like time was endin', and I'm not pretendin'
I choose my own destiny
And can't nobody get the best of me
And half y'all niggas can't get next to me
Y'all ain't strong enough to question me
'Cause ain't no tellin' when it's time to go to war
Specially when niggas don't bang no more
Fake-ass rappers should cut and take ten
You act like you can't get laid in coffin
You act like niggas get play from Boston
Never underestimate it too often
Smoke hash just to ease the pain
And keep stayin' focused on gettin' payed
Still searchin' in my soul for the answers
Askin' God why I'm gettin' these chances
Home Boston, we harm if we hungry
Fight if we starvin', I'll die for this money

[Chorus: x2]
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Bang Ta Dis Lyrics

Benzino – Bang Ta Dis Lyrics