Children of technocracy
Invoke synthetic spirits
Plastic crosses choke perspiring necks
MAAT I cast dices, but curtain
Of future is still hermetic closed
Rise! Rise up my Sorrow, and you, my father
High! Towards the stars when the white fire
Which purifies and melts all false sacrament

Ashes power equal thousands suns
Mystery's structures are like chaos of known
Objectivism is subjective mandala of reality
Fractals flaming spaces consume ego's order
Kaos Keraunos Kybernetos

Lamipsos, illumination in the face
Of thousand faces gnosis
Obtained by descending
Into the tunnels of self knowing
When thunders of ecstasy strike
Black waves of unconscious sea
I swim, float, drift, scream Aiwasss
And barriers of self change in
Legion of escaping bats L.V.X.
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Lam Lyrics

Behemoth – Lam Lyrics

Songwriters: ADAM DARSKI
Lam lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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