Is he leading me away from here
Towards what he has created me to be
Wasting my life wondering who I am
Knowing that there's so much more for me
Than this life of mediocrity

Finding peace in things that are not who I am
Substituting words for thoughts of how I've been
Looking through the eyes of those who see through me
My time is almost up I'll finally be set free

Wake the dead, the sound it makes
I can't escape, capture me
I can't embrace it, these arms won't take it
My feet are planted, on ground that's slanted

Why did you have to runaway
I thought that you would stay
Why did you run away
Why did you?

You take away the pain that stings
With loving words of hope that brings

An end to things we've done
Signs of what's to come
The old has gone now
Christ is in me

It brings the life you want for me
The life that you intend for me
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Thoughts Of A Wanderer Lyrics

Before We Forget – Thoughts Of A Wanderer Lyrics

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