This is my money and this is my mouth
This is the future, you'll figure it out
The oracle's spoken, the fever is broken, no holding back, no worry, no doubt

This is the prison that we call the past
This is the flag that still flies at half mast
The half-nervous glances, the barely missed chances, the moment that just slips by too fast

You may not know
But I'm not bluffing, look into my eyes
You may not know
But I'm not sorry, I won't apologize
Oh, and you may not know
Just where we're headed or where tomorrow lies
Oh, and you may not know
But I do, but I do

This is a zero and this is a one
This is the future, and isn't it fun?
You may see some changes, experience strangeness, don't worry, you'll get used to it, son

This is the prophecy, still unfulfilled
These are the chances for which we'd have killed
On this very day and on this very site, they say that you can hear 'em here still
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This Is My Money Lyrics