Be who you areDon’t ever changeThe world was made to measure for your smileSo smile.Those crazy dreamsWe threw, we threw awayI never been alone with youI never couldThey sayThat love will find a wayAnd love will never be set freeI won’t ever let you seeYou could not understandYou never willBe who you areI bless I bless your nameAnd all that summer madness caused the rainAnd we.. weThe glory that we madeMy love will grace the halls of timeA love that never can be mineYou could not love me thenI love you stillBe who you areSeize life and find a wayAnd I will be that shadow loving who you areBe who you areWe were
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Be Who You Are Lyrics

Bee Gees – Be Who You Are Lyrics

Songwriters: GIBB, BARRY ALAN
Be Who You Are lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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