In this hour the tower shall fall!

And naturally they rationalized with futal speculations.
Worst part about their ultimate final calculations.
They sowed their own eyes shut, to protect them from the light.
Close the door way of their minds, barred and sealed it shut.


Their foolish eyes were darkened, their vacant minds deceived.
The lies that they exchanged for truth, began all that they believed.
Exchange the anchor optional, for the image of falling.
Watch the creature rather the creator, as heaven takes its final stand.

The heavens wait in silence, for the coming of the end.
As man perfects his own imperfection, destruction closes in.

Grave they chose to make their beds.
Now all that they've created comes crashing down.
(Down down)
Down upon their heads.
Is waiting

In this hour the tower shall fall!
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Dichotomy Lyrics

Becoming The Archetype – Dichotomy Lyrics