(Written by Bebel Gilberto, Carlinhos Brown)
If I could name
A fruit for you
It would be jabuticaba
Blue, black and small
On the outside
And soft and sweet within
My favourite memory
Was under that tree
That's been there since
I was three
Now I would like to
Sing for you
My jabuticaba song
Isn't she lovely
Like purple rain
Walking on sunshine with you
(over the rainbow)
Quiet nights, quiet stars
It's summertime
Quiet nights, quiet stars and you
If I could name
A tree for you
It would be
Under the shade
Of the cool green leaves
It all comes back to me
So when that taste
Reminds you
You know just where
To find me
And now I would like to sing for you
My jabuticaba song
Jabuticaba tree
Jabuticaba song

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Jabuticaba Lyrics

Bebel Gilberto – Jabuticaba Lyrics

Songwriters: Freitas, Antonio Carlos Santos De / De Oliveira, Isabel Gilberto
Jabuticaba lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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