Feel the air this night is for romance,
Taste the wine la belle jeane let's dance,
On and on, the magic lingers on,
Through the night a memory when you're gone,
You are a lady, you dance like a dream at monmatre,
In the night when the lights are low,
Paris by moonlight, you shine out like star bright,
Jeane, jeane, jeane, jeane

[chorus x2]
Oh la na na la belle jeane,
Silently spinning you dance the night away,
Oh la na na la belle jeane,
My love for you burning I need you more each day,
Jeane, jeane, jeane, jeane,
Ah la belle jeane,
Jeane, jeane, jeane,
Ah ah ah ah,
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La Belle Jeane Lyrics

Bay City Rollers – La Belle Jeane Lyrics

Songwriters: ERIC FAULKNER
La Belle Jeane lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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