Still of the night
When we're all alone,
A picture of you,
Where the shadow falls,
If only we could make
It last forever,
All of the dreams
We had in the past,
Stories the same
Just like all the rest,
Hand in hand we walk
An endless mile together,
When we're caught in the
Heat of the fight,
Hope it's gonna turn out right,
When we almost say goodbye,
That's when
We have to hold on,
When we're ready
To climb the walls,
When we're startin' to lose it all,
We're both gonna take the fall,
That's when we have to hold on.
Love stops the hands of time,
In the middle of a dream,

We cross the line,
Love stops the hands of time,
We can last forever,
Or at least tonight if we try.
And like the movies
When the ending's right,
It's just a battle
But it's worth the fight,
Love's a prisoner with no
Compromise, no surrender,
But I know when we make love,
I never can get enough,
When it comes
To push and shove,
That's when we gotta hold on.
We have our ups and downs,
Lose pieces on the ground,
When hearts beat silent sound,
That's when we
Gotta hold on.
And did I tell you
True magic is a game
You set it up with mirrors to
Break it down again.
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Hands Of Time Lyrics

Baton Rouge – Hands Of Time Lyrics