The joy of laughter
Together with fun
Girl take your time
You don't have to run

Runnin' and runnin' and runnin'
Keep me runnin', keep me runnin' for your love
Higher and higher and higher
Take me higher, take me higher, lift me up

Baby, it makes me happy
Just to know that I can be with you
Sharing our time together
That all I want
Yeah that would make it true

Just tell me why that things must change
Why my life is so rearranged
I don't know what I can do
You make me feel I'm know good for you

Girl c'mon know take your time
So I can start to give you my
All my love and affection
You don't have to say my name
And I'll fulfill your desire
That's right I'll take you higher

GI, I can recall, all of the times
Good times we used to have
Laughing at the pleasure, pleasure so fine
Oh yes it blew my mind
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Runnin' Lyrics

Bass Bumpers – Runnin' Lyrics

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