Ho, ho, what a great day!
Well, it is, the grass is green
And the sky is so blue

Oh, look at all those pretty flowers, wow
There are so many colors
You're right, Baby Bop
There are lots and lots of colors, everywhere we look

We like colors, we like them a lot
We've got colors, colors, we've got
Red, blue and yellow, purple, orange, green
Black, white, brown, every color in between

Colors all around, all around the world
For every boy and girl

Red makes me think of an apple or a cherry
The sun, and it sets on the ripe strawberry
Blue is the sky, blue is the sea
Blue is the color of a blueberry


Orange is a pumpkin, orange is a carrot
Orange is an orange, we can share it
And if you haven't seen what is purple and green
Just take a look at Barney, see what I mean


We like colors
(We like colors)
We like them a lot
(We like them a lot)

We've got colors
(We've got colors)
Colors, we've got
(Colors, we've got)

Red, blue and yellow
(Red, blue and yellow)
Purple, orange, green
(Purple, orange, green)

Black, white, brown
(Black, white, brown)
Every color in between
(Every color in between)

[Chorus: x2]
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Colors All Around Lyrics

Barney – Colors All Around Lyrics

Songwriters: JIM RULE
Colors All Around lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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