Stay like that, Just like that
Lying on the couch, Just like that that that
This is the way I want to remember you
Remember the way you look and not what you do
This is the way I want to remember you
Exactly the way I first saw you

I wanted to touch you, with my big brown hand
I thought I was a player, like I was Method Man
That's when I got a look at your lilly white thigh
I was all out of chronic but god damn if I wasn't high
You looked like someone out of a 1912 photograph
I turned and smiled you looked at me and you laughed

So I shot you down
Yeah I shot you

Bye Bye little platinum blond
Bye Bye little platinum blond
Bye bye

In school they never taught 'bout hamburgers or steak
Elijah, Muhammad, or the welfare state
But I know
Yeah I know

Skeleton man broke into my garage today
Took all my lp's and all of my grade A

Now wasn't lovely
Why don't we call that one starlight or maybe falling stars or fire ok
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Lipliner Lyrics

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