Bake a cake to my taste you dance away Belinda
Disappear in the light smile like that Belinda
But I will not follow you tonight I will go home
You are tremors in my heart you are my Belinda

You will be my sinful secret
I can't tell my kids about you
Though I could never lie
And I hope someday you'd ask

You know I'd like to stay here and chat for a while
But its bad for my future plans of being a loyal wife
So bye bye Belinda bye bye Belinda bye bye
If you think this song is about you

You're so vain Belinda
But if you catch my stupid eye you'd know you're right
But I will not look again this time I will hide my heart
The spirits in my room they whisper

You know the sky is now in bloom
But I'll sacrifice Belinda
I have to let you go cause I think it might be lust
You know I'd like to stay and do magic with you

But that would be unkind to my little boy blue
Little boy blue lost his shoe
One day paddling in the water
He cried and he cried and he realized

That its more fun to run without shoes
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Belinda Bye Bye Lyrics

Barbie's Cradle – Belinda Bye Bye Lyrics