We are all here tonight to rise
The black flame of hell
Alcoholic forces of damnation
Are ready to destroy the church
Take me Baphomet!

Blood, vomit and satan
Is the only law.
Blood, vomit and satan
Thrashing all around.
Blood, vomit and satan
Hate in our brain.
Blood, vomit and satan
Metal in our veins.

Alcohol hordes invade the church
Ready to kill the fucking priest
Dressed by leather, chains and
Desecrate the reign of christ
Take me Baphomet!

We are standing upon the cross
And pissing on the altar
Open the gates of utter hell
Baphomet's Blood is here
Satan give us the power.
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Blood Vomit And Satan Lyrics

Baphomet's Blood – Blood Vomit And Satan Lyrics