Who was it who asked about the last mile mile being the hardest mile
Trying not to spend more time looking back
There's still a bit more time looking back
There's still a bit more to go
Can't stop measuring strike outs to home runs
Trying to justify these compromises that have piled up and dulled my blade
Maybe we stayed too long didn't say enough, swing hard enough
The years just sort of ran away
And the ones that follow won't be as fun
I'll never love anything else the way that I loved this
So you know its not gonna be so easy
To just let go

But the credits they will roll

It's getting harder and harder
To give too much of my body and soul to a mess overrun by morons and thugs
Who's only purpose is to break this, not hard enough to make it
Fighting on their own
We stand bound and gagged as they pee on our rug
The end result of not a single motherfucker willing to take the hard road
Makes it that much easier to watch as the
Door swings slowly shut

Then there are those I'll carry with me forever, live deep in my chest
Watched as you took your last breath on that floor in Wilkes-Barre
The room loved you so deeply our hearts broke as you faded
And I can never repay the lesson you left me as we rolled outta town that night

Not a thought in my head of beginnings or endings
Make the most of these days while they are still unfolding
Keep right on dancing while that curtain is closing
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End With An Ellipsis Lyrics

Bane – End With An Ellipsis Lyrics