There's a love song in the air. Can you hear it my dear?
Can you feel it everywhere? It can be so hard to hear.
And as I go back home, that's one thing I know.

Stillness of night comes to me. Lonely streets pass underneath.
And the window up above brings me love.
And though I watched it fall apart, that's where we are.

(We finally made it)
We go to the sea in hopes that we find the answers.
And we will stay till we find our wave.
We float through the night, through the softness of the morning.
And we go on till we find our wave.
We look to flashes of sky, the windows of time, the crust of our dreams.
But really we wait, only to find the crest of our sea.
And, we ride when we find our wave.
Take us to the coast, carry us home
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Dear Balladeer Lyrics

Band Marino – Dear Balladeer Lyrics