Seeing people all around me with their high class careers
Does it make em' feel happy, won't it cause any tears
Want to sit here in my room and do nothing at all
No I don't want to answer to society's call

I want to be a kid forever, no responsibilities
I want to be a kid forever, aged 10 when I freeze

Seeing couples on the streets walking kindly hang in hand
Happily married, this I can't understand
Rather be all alone on an island far away
Never think about tomorrow, I'm just gonna seize the day

Don't wanna undestand the world, there's way too much hate
Don't wanna go to school to learn, they'll decide your fate
Don't wanna change the earth,
Just le me be I wanna be a kid forever, honest and free

I don't wanna grow up, adults are so complicated
In this hectic society I'm not sure, I'm gonna make it
Will I stay isolated until the end of times
I won't do any harm, I ain't commiting any crimes
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Alone Lyrics

Badlands – Alone Lyrics