Iґve, been climbing up this mountain so high
And I have put my love on the line
I always do the best that I can
Was hoping that youґd understand
Is everything as hard as it seems
I saw you there in all of my dreams
Was fighting for a place in your heart
But loving you tore me apart
Cause now
I donґt want you
And I donґt need you
I donґt think I could ever be with you now
I donґt love you
I gave you everything
But you broke my heart And my soul
Now, my senses keep on fading away
Iґm losing you, donґt want you to stay
Cause every step I know deep inside
God only knows that I tried
And now
I donґt want you...
Cause I, I never told you just what Iґd feel
When I believed in you
And Iґm, still searching cause Iґm keeping it real
Cause I believe itґs true, yeah
I donґt want you...
I donґt want you...
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I Don't Want You Lyrics

Bad Habit – I Don't Want You Lyrics