Been seeing you
For a while
Sometimes I wonder why
Coz you treat me like a child
Where've you been
Who'd you see
Why these questions
Realize that I'm free

I can't
Stand it any longer
I'm tearing out my hair
If you don't stop then one day
I will not be there

You are not my father
Quit telling me what to do
Understand I'm troubled
My problem is that you
Treat me like a daughter rather than your lover
Maybe you should find another
Coz you are not my father

I buy clothes
N' you say
I spend too much money
Just let me be
Who was that
On the phone
It's not your business
(why) won't you leave me alone

I know I love you
I always have
But if you don't change your ways
This situation will turn bad
The way I see it, from now on
It's all up to you

Maybe you should find another
Another woman you can bother
A thing you have to understand
Is baby that you're not my father
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Not My Father Lyrics

Bad Candy – Not My Father Lyrics

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