Multi-million dollar market - theyĺre our prisons
Keep the menace off the streets - we donĺt need them
Build bigger better prisons - for our children
Beat Ĺem, bash Ĺem, fucking rape them - hail our system
They declare war on drugs - what a joke
Fucking Bush dropping bombs - snorting coke
CIA sells the crack - industry
They allow all the drugs - in the country
What the fuck is going on
Hopes of a future are gone
Using our taxes for bombs
When children live in slums
Thereĺs no money for schools
The poor are treated like mules
Equal opportunity is bullshit
When the rich rule all markets
Itĺs a wonderful life
Work real hard and break your back - youĺre still poor
Pimp your ass for a loaf of bread - youĺre a whore
Politicians lie and cheat - all the time
Fuck your mother for a nickel - or a dime
Buy their products and their food - theyĺre the best
Eating all their chemicals - grow a breast
Rape the land, pollute the seas - just for profit
Killing man with their disease - causing havoc
Itĺs a wonderful life

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Wonderful Life Lyrics

Bad Acid Trip – Wonderful Life Lyrics