Fuck crying me a river
Cry me a goddamn ocean instead
I'll sail it's dirty waters, in search of others
Taking in lovers on my leaky boat
When the time's right we'll sink
To the bottom, long forgotten
Don't think twice, don't come back for me
'Cause I won't be there, No I won't be there
And I hope you take this lightly
So I can whisper politely in your ear come dark

Yeah it's getting late and there's nowhere to park
Can you feel me, slowly creeping
Breahing down your neck
Don't look, 'cause no one will help
You're an undone wreck, and you did this to yourself
You close your eyes for comfort
Which gets you nowhere fast
Lying to yourself again
This condition just can't last
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Watch The Tide Wash Me Away Lyrics

Backseat Goodbye – Watch The Tide Wash Me Away Lyrics