[M and L: M. Winterwild]
I walk in the moonlight far away from the cities roaring sounds
A walk in silence underneath the starlit sky
The glorious landscape that opens up right before my eyes
The hills and the valleys there's nothing more beautiful
Here the wind of freedom calls
Please take me there
The north wind is blowing all the way everywhere I go
Trough the season of my life, on this my last journey
The daylight is fading in my dreams the angels call my name
They lead me to my own land, don't let this dream ever end
Oh Northern sky
Guide me on my way home
Oh Northern sky
Yo are my haven
The rain and thunder came crashing down from heaven
Storm winds are blowing like hurricans of madness
Earthquakes are shaking the core of the planet
Volcanoes erupting and fire spreads across the sky

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Northern Sky Lyrics

Axenstar – Northern Sky Lyrics