Runnin' back home gonna get that money quick
Yeah I want a snake now, know what I'm sayin'
You stupid f**kin' dimwit
Gonna get a black one
Gonna get a red one
Gonna get a brown one
Gonna get a yellow one
Gonna get a plaid one
But they don't make plaid ones
So that's rediculous-ya see what I'm sayin?
But I'm gonna get a snake and it's gonna be great.


Sankes on the back porch
Snakes drinkin' Kool-Aid
Cops drinkin' Kool-Aid
Cops in a cop car
Snakes got a paycheck- that's f***in' awesome
Give me all your money now
Tell me how to be awesome
Sittin around my house-checkin' out my snake
I got real bored so I made the snake a tape
I made it like a compilation tape?


Repeat Verse 1
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I Want A Snake Lyrics

Awesome Snakes – I Want A Snake Lyrics

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