We don't need to watch the clock
Unless it's power hour
None of us know when to stop
Until the countdown is up
And I'll be seeing you at every sunken eyelid moment
We'll see who holds there own tonight

It's go time.
Pardon me miss
What does it take to get you out of that dress
I see the way that you can sweat
I've had my eye on you all night,
I need you all night

No regrets
We live to party because we've got 4 years to live,
We're drinking natty cause were broke but it tastes like...

We're making out inside the bathroom,
She's got the... Clap your hands and sing along
We don't give a...
We're all gonna die make it worth your time
In 48 months we'll be sleeping indefinitely
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Mexican Hats Or Just Plain Sombreros Lyrics

Away With You – Mexican Hats Or Just Plain Sombreros Lyrics