Sound off my trumpets
I'm the mayor in this city lakeland

Fast forward to the point I done juiced up something new
For every lame mc I call it shut em down brew
And I know it's three strikes but I only give two
So pay attention listen closely or who drinking next you
I don't want to be no one else arabian me
In this position I'm appointed so don't defy me
Best in the streets, florida, better yet in this nation
Sorcerer lyrics call me jafar abject humiliation
Lyric game so bad I make the beats run
Yall niggas do this for fame I do it for fun
Add my brains and rap then what you got sun
Brighter than a light bulb so to finish line won
And don't talk about my ego cause I'm better than you
You soft like honey but I'm the beast winnie the pooh

This beat is running from me

Yep yall knew yall had to drop some electrifying mixtapes
Cause in 2011 yall didn't come hard mistakes
I'm not trying to brag to much but yo lyrics suck oh
Yall stop getting mad become a fan, don't want to listen to you

But I'm the brains of the operation so I keep working
I live off fear when yall near so yall feelings keep hurting
No matter what you create like the fantastic four
I steal all the life out doctor doom who want more

This that rage of the nemesis, rage of the nemesis
This game aint over who stepping up to finish this
All old and played out like the sega genesis
Come step into my world I'll teach yall some sentences

Avias da nemesis the only motto I live by
And yall know um gonna succeed so why would you want to try
I progress to the new and left the lames out
This what avias feature presentation albums all about

It don't take a rocket scientist to figure what yall dropping next
I stay with imagination yep um something like dex
Let yall drop a couple cold bars think that they all frozen
Then I come back on that ass dexter laboratory explosion

I aint addressing one specific I'm addressing all
Vote me mayor of this year cause 2 0 12 we gone ball
And if you feeling my music blast me all through the mall
Don't put yo trust in the lames all they can do fall

This avias seay yep avias seay
I know my name be more brought up than tyra b
What you creating next I know yall thoughts just keep asking
Just wait tick tick them I'll come through blasting
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Rage Of The Nemesis Lyrics

Avias – Rage Of The Nemesis Lyrics