I know
You oh

You keep telling me stuff that I want to hear
Cause standing my ground I surely fear
Keep showing me only one good side of you
But behind my back you revealing two

Oohh you the dumb stupid person but I thought you would know
Naw I find it quite appealing letting true emotions not show
Mastering weak people is my specialty yo

You a manipulator
A manipulator (15x's)

[Verse 2:]:
Ha ha ha ha I've got you now
It's too late to fix mistakes haha I'm just that foul
Knew it wouldn't be hard to get over on you
At first I thought you was smart but you dingy oh

Oh you should be ashamed of yourself cause you a pro
Fell victim to your circumstances wish I just knew
But now I figured you out karma coming back too

You a manipulator
A manipulator (15x's)
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Manipulator Lyrics

Avias – Manipulator Lyrics