I sat by myself
And sank into light
For all time is now
Reach out your hand
Take me to a distant land
In the days of you(th)

I left there long ago
Paradise of the soul
Now I long for you
Take this cup from me
I cannot drink its darkened light
So I'll search for you(th)

And sail on a ship at sea
On wings of song fly free
Sail for mystery
To the ends of the wine dark sea

I sang to myself
Of a land rich and green
Where I walked with you
Where the air is sweet
Milk and honey at my feet
In the days of you(th)


I'll return to your fair land
And I'll take your lily hand
And love will bloom bright
Just as in my youth
I'll come into this Perilous Garde
Drink the wine of life

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Perilous Garde Lyrics

Avalon Rising – Perilous Garde Lyrics