in a basement flat lying undercover
in a head full of height were a couple of lovers
i'll buy you some energy i'll buy you a beer
hotfoot it downtown
if you move i'll shoot

land lovers -
terrified of the land
they are loved by the land
lay unlimited by the land they are limited
by the land
they are shunned by the land

i believe that some of the brothers
have been mixing it with land lovers

well i heard your old man was a radio ham
picking up signals from unoccupied lands
government intelligence isn't what it was
put a bullet in his brain
when he picked up a doodle bug

medicine man, went undercover,
espionage viva, land lovers

parasite to the state
uber alles, uber hate
bad moon, bad moon, leave the body in state

and they cut off your arms
and they cut off your legs
and they made you a target
for american bombers

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Land Lovers Lyrics

Auteurs – Land Lovers Lyrics

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