My little heart is swelling with a song from somewhere else!
It's filling up with glory and I'm ringing like a bell
My little heart, my little heart is racing.
It's racing just to keep up with your love and live to tell
'Cause it's all I know.

I'm following behind you.
I'm staying close beside you.
I've got nothing to lose, but I've got everything to find.
There's something in your laughter that keeps me running after.
I'm breathing the beat of your heart and leaving the world behind.
No turning back

My violence, my vices, they don't keep me warm at night
My worries and wasted hopes look washed out in the light.
My little heart, my little heart is flying
My little heart, it longs for the kindness in your eyes, your eyes,

You're all I know.
Though none go with me
Still I will follow.
No turning back, no turning back
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No Turning Back Lyrics

Audrey Assad – No Turning Back Lyrics