Hold your breath. quiet now don't say a word.
You could run (but) it won't do any good.
Prayers forsaken. when you lose faith inside.
Its not time to die.

Your life.
Is it a lie.
When you get what you're looking for.
Will your cravings subside.
Or will you crawl into
A homemade-casket
An early tomb
Lay down
And give up inside
She'd rather die

When you fall
So spent from emotion
She is what
Brings you to your
Where challenges lie
On the verge of destruction
She pulls you back
And she gives you wings

Death won't hold you.
As tight as she will.
Can you feel her
Burning through your veins
She will always
Live forever
Can you bear the burden

And you'll turn your back
And you'll patronize
She's pleading
And you will question
Your every want
She's bleeding out
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Her Portrait In Black Lyrics

Atreyu – Her Portrait In Black Lyrics