Go runaway in distress trying
To hide from what's
Creeping and crawling and stabbing
Within try to deny the turmoil inside
If you find yourself far enough you'll never win
In the ounce of serenity
I will come home be pissed(i will come home be pissed)
Can't leave you weeping on the phone
Gasping for breath(i am gasping for breath)
To be left on the floor gasping for breath!

No he's not the person you are
Or the person your trying trying trying trying to be
Don't let the outside swing to far from where you want to be

We are heading for moments of this
You can roll with the best
Where's your body so brutally pressed
Against the confines of your dead flesh
And if you close your eyes tight enough
Then none of the bad can get in x2
And if you close your eyes tight enough
Then none of the light can get in
You scream as the light hits you
And radiates upon your whole soul
The pain is burning and cleanses anything
It still fucking hurts and your still fucking down
That you are still alone
That you are still in control
Don't know where to go
The day were all dead
Underground back took a chance to out live your past
Where you will be free [Repeatx2]

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
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Creature Lyrics

Atreyu – Creature Lyrics

Songwriters: Brandon Saller, Daniel Jacobs, Ektor Varkatzas, Marc McKnight, Travis Miguel
Creature lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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