Come on!

Verse 1(
Let me hear ya rock now, clap your hands
(Let me hear ya get down; bounce your head
(Let me hear ya do it if you understand
(Let me hear ya get loud 'cause we're gonna win(
We're on fire; when it's time you can just let go(
We won't stop, we're on top, and we're about to explode((

When the light hits the field and the game's on the line(
You'll know it's for real when the Falcons fly(
We can't hide from the enemy, hot like a fire(
You'll know it's for real when the Falcons fly
(Come on, fight and don't stop, take flight
If you're ready to run, come on fight and don't stop( (

Verse 1

Chorus (x2)((

Come on! (
Come on, fight!
(Come on! (
Come on, fight!
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Falcons Fly Lyrics

Atlanta Falcons – Falcons Fly Lyrics