You can't go on like this
Celebrating the black
With a measure of white
Always high as a kite
How I wish that you'd fight
For a measure of light

Make like a scissor
And cut 'til you're dull girl
Awaken your demons

Do like a heartbeat
And capture the moment
Savour your grievance

I was lying to you
And you were lying to me

So cry havoc baby
And you're the one for me

I was dying for you
And you were dying for me
So cry havoc baby
And set the Monsters free

You can't survive like this
Commemorating the tears
And the sorrows of old
It's the way you've been told
That your future's been sold
'Cause your heart was too cold
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Cry Havoc Lyrics

Ashbury Heights – Cry Havoc Lyrics