Well, talk to me
Whisper in my ear
Be quiet
Don't let anyone else hear [x2-all]

Don't you think they want me for it?
Can't you see they arrested me for it?
I just hope they don't need me for it
Birds and bees will soon be falling now
We found out
We found out
We found out

Wrong direction
Silly alien
Made a promise
To a young man [x2-all]


We all love
We are not proud of that
We all wish we had a silly hat [x2-all]

[Chorus without we found out.]

Johnny and Clyde will dance with me for it
Sarah and Eileen would kiss me for it
Sue and Joanne will kill me for it
Richard and Larry will pay a lot for it
Malcolm and Alan might have drugged me for it
Mum and Dad will love me for it
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Things Lyrics

Ash – Things Lyrics