Yeah, a lot of you people look at me like
"Who the fuck this nigga think he is?"
Lord Ferg the Second, the Fergenstein
All the trap lordians stand up, yeah

[Verse 1]
Hi! I'm Fergivicious
Tall bunch of bitches man, I'm Fergielicious
Riding with a bunch of little trap villains
Turn it up, leave you ass on the ceiling
Fuck your opinion nigga, I be killing
Pimping white bitch on the penicilling
Getting all the bad bitches I be feeling
Think a nigga trapping? Yeah, I'm drug dealing
Hit her with the crack pipe get her lifted
Take a little sip-sip of my drip-drip
Fuck a litle trill bitch 'til my dick limp
I love the way you lick-lick on my dick tip
Riding in the Bentley, you in a Civic
Fuck your main broad 'til she on my friend's dick
4-5-6, yeah, my niggas tripping
Shout out to the max and my niggas cripping
A$AP Q, yeah, my nigga cripping
Marty with the Mac, yeah, he blood dripping
5 point star for a thug nigga
'Bout 2 keys for the [?]
White gold teeth cause a nigga don't sleep
Nightmares I be a pro cause I'm seeing OG's
Bitch coming at me cause I'm dropping [?]
She can get up on a nigga for about a couple G's

All I know is pain
Surviving on my own

[Verse 2]
Hey, Joyde! Hi, twin!
Thinking 'bout my goddamn father again
White girls see a nigga in Medusa lens
White girls see a nigga cop his first bands
White girls see a nigga pop his first band
Only bitches love me tryna get up in my pants
Riding in a limo with a bunch of fake friends
Who be only around me cause I make ends
I feel the pain for my bro cause his dad died
My daddy gone too my nigga, that's life
But them niggas did it up in they past lives
[?] with crystal nigga right
Bet them niggas dressed up in them white suits
Rhythm and the blues in a white coup
Spit it through a cloud with a nice boo
Daddy, Anna Nicole probably like you
Ahh, I'm so vicious
Riding in a coup with a bunch of killas
Are you gangbanging, man? I couldn't see it
Like twisting up your fingers in a [?]
Put 'em in the water with a bunch of fishes
Watch a frog leap were his fucking chin is
Are you popeye? Eat your fucking spinach
Bunch of young trap lords and we down for sinning
A$AP Soul, that's my fucking nigga
Young Tarzan, that's my little nigga
Crawling in them bitches like a caterpillar
The bitch can't be all in my Hilfiger
Flacko join in, he a trill nigga
[?] be that real nigga
Nasty Baby want to kill a nigga
All us together the illest niggas

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Fergivicious Lyrics

ASAP Ferg – Fergivicious Lyrics