Look around you. We are this city
And it's time to take it back
Take it back

Take back the night from the enemy
Who came to steal kill and destroy
Take up the fight, for those pushed under
And help them up for air
We seek nothing less than victory
Than Victory
And I ask you, will you join us?

There is a sickness that eats away
At every one of us
There is a cure, a Name Above All Else
Who came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword
Take up The Cross and follow me

Those who find their life will stand to lose it
And those who lose their life for My sake will find it

I will abandon myself, and flee to the arms of You
So I can know your purpose for each day
With honor and hope I will serve, the greater purpose
Forsaking my past and the things that You have forgotten

We bow down and give You our hearts,
And the key to this city
And only by Your Grace, are our sins forgotten
We are set free
Only by Your Grace we are set free
Only by Your Grace we will take this city
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Moving Forward Lyrics

As Bold As Lions – Moving Forward Lyrics

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