Please listen to me one more time baby
I promise to never hurt you again
Can we sit down and talk it over
Please open the door and let me come back in
Well I'm so tried of living all alone
Baby please let me come back home

Now I finished my rehabilitation program
And I don't want to live in that halfway house no more
Awww I found myself a job
Now here's my pay cheque if you need so doe
Well I'm still here and I weep and I moan
Baby please please let me come back home

Now tell me how are the kids
Please tell me how are they doing in school
I know they don't want to hear my name
Beacause I broke all of the rules
But I've learned my lesson baby
Please tell them I'm gonna make it up to them somehow
Won't you tell the kids that I'm going to be strong
Baby please please let me come back home

Ohhh oh I walk the floor at midnight
Baby I don't know where to run
And I lay my head on my pillow
All I do is toss and turn
Baby won't you forgive me come on
Baby please please let me come back home
Let me come back home
I'm begging you please please baby
I'm down on my knees, I begging you please please
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Rehabilitation Song Lyrics

Arthur Adams – Rehabilitation Song Lyrics

Songwriters: A. ADAMS
Rehabilitation Song lyrics © COHEN AND COHEN, WHOLE HOG, INC.

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