Driving home along the Hudson, the water shivers in the night
I look where you live, it draws me in but I don't want to fight
Making plans for some, some future heaven, some cocoon for eternal life
We know it's crazy but it keeps us sane, it brings the heaviness to light

All the golden tint of our predictions may be exactly what both of us see, but
Today is a long, long way from then and who can tell how we will feel, I'm just

Holding on to you
Holding on for some some decision to end this impatience
I, I won't let go, I won't let go, no

Three years and counting since we lost our innocence, a heart of gold I had found
But your life was calling, and you had to answer, and I was homeward bound

Ooh suddenly, all the air that I breathed, grew thinner in my throat
And with frozen eyes, and wondering if I'm livin a lie in you so far, so remote

Ooh, your touch, your voice, the only things that help me make any sense of this
I miss you, all your delight, but what's the difference without you here?

I'm just holding on to you
Holding on for some decision to end this impatience
I won't let go

I'm holding on to you
Holding on for some incision to cut this relation
I won't let go

Now it seems it's never enough, whether we're here or apart
And I've been thinking way too hard baby, when are you gonna start?
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Holding On Lyrics

Ari Hest – Holding On Lyrics