A brand new history slyly and quickly, sparkles in your eyes-hope you're not missing the flash points/sign posts etching the future from here. Ancient ancestors transmitting via a pool formed form rainfall where my reflection stares back at me and says over ancient view. The the dis again. Soulless, production so sing coasts watch.

As the sun sets bright earth and disappears from spirit of the world will rise up from our voices sing in union. Lifeless, secret abyss, plotting the world's doom and consumption wakes the sleeping world again. Our voices sing in union from african to australian mainland watch your brother's back yours sister's back. The americans plains of the sea of japan. In your own backyard or far off foreign lands we find our adversaries woven of same thread as evil hacks and rips at every corner of the world. The peoples voice will sing as one voice. our voices sing in union. The arabian sea to the coast of chile. watch your brother's back, watch your sister's back. The plateau of tibet to the bay of biscay. In your own backyard or far off foreign lands. We find our adversaries woven of the same thread. Rethink... fucking dig in! don't sit there and take it! they built it we can break it! we're not gonna stand for any G.A. double T's!!
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Mind The G.A.T.T. Lyrics

Anti-flag – Mind The G.A.T.T. Lyrics