The smoke rainy night remote weaves the gauze to transfer spatially by the blood
The quiet alone entire world orphaned sound sobs is with flowing tears

The conclusion different reddish brown safflower buries
The heart congeals the soul to crack tiredly flows rapidly the turbulence
Segregation downcast

Declines the heaven and earth sateen to flutter about
Qi changes the fairyland heart sends the flower to wither
This life knot sends 3000 star year old difficult solution
The long parting regrets bestow on the new refined language night to drink the cup

The star arrives void quiet bitterly cold
The cold wind remnant rain becomes frosted congeals coldly the snow zhuang
The deep lonesome orphaned shade Guizhou Province tear cancels the grain surface
Acts alone inundates Milky Way shape remnant body filthy mu blood Ze vast

Rushes to the dream exuviae to fall gently East stave
Who folds qin running water you string sound also this wound
The sorrow passed dies drowns Sichuan to bid farewell silently
The temple sent the double spot wing to break the spirit to die of old age the deep prison to drop also

The body falls ten thousand ten feet of cold ices, if the thorn unites the punishment
Puts on piercing congeals sad puts on the heart piercing
A soul cruentation quiet blue pupil item of spatial millennium vanishes
The pardoned crime I assign the chain pardoned crime after all I to assign

The dream annihilates disperses different annihilates disperses the shape to defeat remnantly
Has fallen the porch to bury
Extinguishes spatially breaks burns the body to extinguish breaks drops complains
The soul turns over to the cloud deep place

Negative orphaned wound constellation perishes calls me the name
Still urges everywhere cold wind chan sound
The night invades the lonesome month soul to extinguish suddenly calls me the name
The blood marries the entire world sacrifice to sleep the war casualty

The conclusion different reddish brown safflower buries
The spooky imaginary world wandering two die uncertainly perishes
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Bloody Matrimony Lyrics

Anthelion – Bloody Matrimony Lyrics

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