I've always begged for you to tell me bedtime stories
I wake up smiling in the morning but I know I lied myself to sleep to make it better anyway
How many more times will I bite me toungue before I wise up? I give up
I guess I'm too caught up in your ways to call it a draw
But my anger's been boiling for too long
So this time I won't let it go
I'm not too fond of apologies
Just empty words
I've screamed for so long about fighting and holding on but my fingers are about to break so I guess I'll take my chances with the fall
It's been so long but I still can't believe how much I have pushed and tried to watch you spit right in my face
A cliche I'm sure but the truth only comes in so many words
Anyway, my inspiration's lost
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Clio Lyrics

Another Breath – Clio Lyrics