"... And so, thou wilt call up thunder
And destruction if thou know the art. "
--the conclusion of Roger Bacon's encoded formula for gunpowder

War, you like to fight
Another mindles grunt
To be slaughtered in the trenches
And now you're sick
Let's take a look at history
You're the meal at your leader's feast
His your-age son learns to manipulate

Why do we have to die when you tell your lies?
The art of war
Why do we have to pay when you play your games?
The art of war

What's a game without some blood?
Lord of the ascendant
Thousands under foot
Gonna send in your hatchet man
Now there's nothing you can't buy
Power addiction is your affliction
Cain to walk from the executioner
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The Art Of War Lyrics

Anomaly – The Art Of War Lyrics

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