(Drum Roll)
And now, the parts of the Brain, performed by.....
The Brain


Neo-cortex Frontal Lobe,
Pinky: Brain Stem! Brain Stem!

Hippocampus, Neural node,
Right Hemisphere.

Pons and Cortex Visual,
Brain Stem! Brain Stem!

Sylvian Fissure, Pineal,
Left Hemisphere.

Cerebellum Left.
Cerebellum Right.
Synapse, Hypothalamus,
Striatum, Dendrite.

(The Brain plays the tambourine)

Axon-fibres, Matter Gray,
Brain Stem! Brain Stem!

Central Tegmental Pathway,
Temporal Lobe.

White Core Matter,
Fore Brain, Skull,
Brain Stem! Brain Stem!

Central Fissure, Cord-spinal,

Pia Mater,
Menengeal Vein.
Medulla Oblongata and Lobe-limbic,
The Brain!

That oughta keep the little squirts happy.
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Parts Of The Brain Lyrics

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Animaniacs – Parts Of The Brain Lyrics

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