Wee wee wee woooh

Turn it around
When I get up from the ground
My face is feeling muddy
I clean off all the frowns
And turn it all around
Like a little sleepy puppy
I'm sloppy like a clown
I'm licking all my bunnies

I work myself into a ball
Where horses take these s***s around
The kind of date that makes you fall
Into depression

Get yourself up up into
The millenium

And you black out you feel much better

Knowing dreams may come
This fantasy begets us all
Vanilla orations

Caramel seeps into my eyes
It stinks, it's all?
Green northen mountain tops will rise
Where the air is chill

We'll build foundations in the snow
Strawberry elations
We'll call it? And go on in
It can be our home

You're all invited for a poem
It's my ice cream factory!

Let the growing
Ice cream factory
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Ice Cream Factory Lyrics

Animal Collective – Ice Cream Factory Lyrics