Silent talks
In a cold room, lost
Thoughts are gone
I'm alone
Wonder why
Why the faults were mine
Should I promise this?
Day by day
I need you
Hold you
Can't my eyes just tell?
Claim for pain
Was it all in vain?
New sad days to come
Many smiles we've done
Mourning face
In an abandoned fate
My mind is blind
But I still believe
The truth in shadows
Lies ad me
Don't take my freedom
Is all I've got
Can't force my reason
For lovers knot
I'm lonely and lost
Don't mistreat me
Don't dismiss me
In joy and sorrow
Find a meaning
Keep on dreaming
It is so hard to learn
Here I stand
In a castle of sand
Who can help me then?

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Abandoned Fate Lyrics

Angra – Abandoned Fate Lyrics