Sippin' on Remy Red,
(Remy Red)
Believe what ya said.
As I recall you were ready (and)
Down for whatever with me.
:: repeat::

There you are, Superstar.
The flyest guy at the bar.
I had to get to know ya.
Had just 1 shot to show you
Where to glance. Suddenly
We made eye contact, then we
Made our way across the room
Meeting up never too soon. (You said)

? Can I buy you a drink girl
(Yes you can)
? I'm single, do you have a man?
I got 2 left feet, would you like to dance
Said it aint that deep, I'll take a chance.


[Verse 2:]
Took a walk to the back
'cause the joint was getting packed.
Found a spot I could kiss you,
And romantically embrace you.
Tryin' hard to be cool
'cause I'm really feelin you.
Slow down, take your time.
'cause this thing is still brand new. (Uh- Oh)
(You said)


Now that we know eachother a little better
I think this thing we got can go a little further.
I can forsee a possibility
Of you and me (Oh yeah yeah)
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Remy Red Lyrics

Angie Stone – Remy Red Lyrics

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