I heard you were back in the city
But before me you were playin round
You left a trail of broken hearts
And now your back and asking all my friends
How I've been and how can you fit in
But I can't go through that again
I knew you were a player playa
I thought that I could change ya
But now I see I was wrong
So keep on ballin baller
I won't disturb your holler
Baby it won't be long
Somebody's gonna break your heart in two
Somebody's gonna do the things you do
Someday somebody will give you a lesson in love
So baby it's just a matter of time
Before your heart breaks like you broke mine
And your time is up
Are you ready for your lesson in love
You played me like I was your toy
But soon you'll cry just like a little boy
When you get back twice what you gave
So open up take your medicine
Get well soon repent of all your sin
And lie there in the bed that you made
Have you ever heard
That you'll get what you'll get what you deserve
Play with fire and you get burned
Baby watch your back
Cause you finally met your match
Soon it will be your turn
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Lessons In Love Lyrics

Angel – Lessons In Love Lyrics

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