Maximum penalty in a world of shit
Trying hard to escape the mess you're in
The only way to survive in this society
Is to spit right in her face, fuck this world up and crush your enemies
You sell yourself short
Cause you limit yourself
They choose to ignore you
But still you keep asking for help
Another boring fuckin day? Another tiring job?
And they will all look the same until the day you rot
Life time sentence
Accept your punishment
Tired to bleed?
I can't see, why denying reasons to set your soul free
Another day of failure? don't you wanna make it stop?
Cause all your life you will look like someone your not
Sentence time in a prison called life
Trapped in this cell being stripped from all your rights
All your life you will be treated like a dog
Broken down until you can't take it anymore
Life time sentence
Accept your punishment
One life, one sentence
Survive a world on fire
It's your war, it's your hate
Accept your punishment
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Life Sentence Lyrics

Angel Crew – Life Sentence Lyrics