I wish I would have known you
When you were just a child
I would have cared for you
Made sure you'd be alright
And wish I would've been there
When you went to high school
I would've dated you
You could've been my
homecoming queen
My teenage dream
Yeah in your eyes I read
The whole Universe opening up
Unseen galaxies with virgin shades
Untouched by human eyes
The drom of Calo
With it's entire mystery
With a love like this
How could I go wrong
all you need is for us to travel on
Sometimes high baby some times low
But never deprived of your love
Your unconditional love
And now that your with me
its worth more than gold
'cause I know true love's a gift
Yeah a gift from high above
And I never want to see you down
'cause when you smile
you make me smile I realize
everything you do is so worthwhile
So can I thank you
for always being around
This Gypsy Love blood song
it really makes our love strong
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Unconditional Love Lyrics

Andy Mccoy – Unconditional Love Lyrics