Oh, big money,
Please make me a millionaire, or even just a dollionaire.
Six coins in the slot and I'm ready to win,
Like kissing the dice before letting them rip.
I roll 'em tough and wide, much like a Vegas blunt.
I spark 'em as they hit me but I won't break twenty one.
Pick the right deal, fuck that fortune wheel,
Zero is not a number to spin for.

Stalking the shallow end in this sea of mean machines...
A fistful of cash, dollar signs filling up watered eyes...
The beast aquaints his teeth with his new meat...
Eager to greet all six faces upon infinite tosses...
Too slick for paying the debt and facing his losses...
That's what I call "going for the kill". Yeah boy...

Remove all of their advantages.
Bluff your way through the current hand, then dominate!

Try to ride that wave, breaking as it peaks, to a shore of gold.
Then again, success is only four flushes away from the royal ocean.
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Card Shark Week Lyrics

And Then, There Were Frogz! – Card Shark Week Lyrics

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